Gospel Shout Outreach Ministry / Gospel Temple Holiness Church

Here-in contains the "Faith Constitution" and bylaws of the Gospel Shout Outreach Ministry (GSOM). Our purpose as the (GSOM) is give a more comprehensive view of varies decrees and general rules of this said church. These rules and regulations are so adopted as we feel certain and sure that such is inspired of God, that we may lay the foundation of brotherly love in this said church. Our purpose and aim is that all men, women, and children might be led out of sin and darkness and into the "Light of Life" and the "Holiness" of God as they are brought to the "Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. "~Gospel Shout outreach Ministry / Gospel Temple Holiness Church

Church History

Object and Purpose of The Church


Baptism of The Holy Ghost

Plan of Salvation

Spiritual Gifts

Prayer for The Sick

Tithes & Offerings